About Us

The idea for Amristari Kitchen was conceived on a wet July afternoon, over a cup of tea, trying to satisfy the craving to eat nice, clean Chola Bhaturas, Crisp Kulcha Chola, Tandoori Paranthas.

A web search and we were left disappointed as we could not find one decent affordable outlet that specializes in this food and would deliver to us.


Yes, we did see some standalone huts that make these dishes, but then again, the sight of the conditions of where the food was being cooked/stored did not look very re-assuring.


The multi-cuisine outlets that serve these dishes, well in their attempt to serve everything, they don’t come anywhere close to the traditional taste of these dishes that you get in the bylanes of Amritsar, where the age old tiny shops have been selling this fare for decades.


Amritsari Kitchen is the answer to these woes. The uniqueness of the concept lies in its simplicity. We are a no frills brand that doesn’t try and do everything under the sun. We serve limited dishes, and we specialize in them.


We draw inspiration from the Holy Grail of this food, Amritsar. Our ingredients, our style of cooking, our methods, all find their root in the Golden City.


The objective of the venture is to get the Amritsari food to every neighborhood of Delhi in an organized, systematic, clean, and hygienic way while maintaining the consistency and taste of food.


A lot of attention has been given, also, to ensure that the prices are reasonable. We believe that serving good quality, clean and delicious food doesn’t mean that the food needs to be expensive.


Key highlights of our operations are: -


  • Professional cooks following age old recipes

  • State of the art centralized kitchen

  • High Quality Ingredients

  • Seamless logistics


Enough said! It’s time you enjoyed the Fresh and Spicy taste, straight from Amritsar!

  • A-127, Sector 63, Noida